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"Spain sacks Head Coach just before World Cup" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News

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Spain sacks Head Coach just before World Cup

June 2018
Spain has sacked head coach Julen Lopetegui after he was named the new Real Madrid boss - two days before their opening World Cup match against Portugal. Real Madrid announced yesterday that Lopetegui would succeed Zinedine Zidane at the Bernabeu on a three-year-deal. The Spanish football federation (RFEF) said it had dismissed the 51-year-old because the negotiation occurred without any information to the RFEF. The World Cup in Russia starts tomorrow. I know its a very difficult situation. I know theres going to be criticism whatever I do, said RFEF president Luis Rubiales, who was told of Lopeteguis new role five minutes before it was announced. Im sure this will, in time, make us stronger. I admire Julen very much, I respect him very much. He seems like a top trainer and that makes it harder to make the decision. You cant do things this way, two or three days before the World Cup. We have been compelled to make this decision. Lopetegui became Spain manager in 2016 following Vicente del Bosques retirement and remained unbeaten through his reign. Spain won 14 of 20 games with Lopetegui in charge, drawing the remaining six.(BBC)
"Spain sacks Head Coach just before World Cup" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News
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