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"Fmr. Minister Aluthgamage remanded until tomorrow" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News

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Fmr. Minister Aluthgamage remanded until tomorrow

4 days ago
Former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage who was granted bail by Colombo Fort Magistrate arrested again and remanded for failing to fulfil bail conditions. Our court correspondent said that the former Minister had failed to prove that his passport was with the Colombo High Court. Then the Colombo Fort Magistrate has ordered the former Minister to be remanded until tomorrow (Apr. 17). He was arrested by the Financial Crime Investigation Division, earlier today when he appeared at the Financial Crime Investigation Division to record a statement over misappropriation of Rs. 39 million.Thereafter the MP was produced before Colombo Fort Magistrate.The lawyers who appeared for the MP pointed out to the court that the incident cannot be heard under the Public Property Act as Sathosa has been registered under the Companies Act.The Magistrate who accommodated the lawyers’ argument, ordered to release the defendant on a Rs. 35,000 cash bail and 2 Rs. 500,000 worth person sureties. In addition, the Magistrate ordered him to surrender his passport to the court.However, the MP failed to submit his passport.He told prison officials that his passport was surrendered to Colombo High court in another case being heard against him.Our correspondent said that the MP was taken to Remand Prison thereafter as he failed to produce any proof to that effect. He was arrested when he arrived at the FCID to give a statement relating to an alleged financial fraud of Rs.39 million involving the import of carrom and checkerboards.
"Fmr. Minister Aluthgamage remanded until tomorrow" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News
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