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"Rihanna shared series of sexy snaps" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News

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Rihanna shared series of sexy snaps

4 days ago
Shes not one to be shy when it comes to taking fashion risks. And Rihanna, 30, proved once again just why as she posed in a see-through outfit in a series of sexy snaps shared to her Instagram on Sunday. The songstress bared close to all in her racy Coachella outfit, which she shared with her 61.7 million followers. The beauty stunned in the all brown attire, which consisted of a sheer wrap knotted and twisted around her sensational figure. In another, she stared seductively into the camera with her hand on one hip and captioned the snap: drag. Going hand in hand with her glamorous style, the chart-topper rocked a gold chain necklace and Gucci headband in her hair. While flashing her arm tattoos, the Work singer flaunted gold bracelets, her Coachella wristband and several large rings. The beauty mogul showed off her show-stopping beauty by sweeping her long tresses into a messy bun and rocking smokey eye makeup. Inside the festival, the hitmaker was spotted enjoying herself as she danced front row to Beyonces iconic set. The two stars have shocked the Internet before after a rumored feud in 2015, followed by Beyonce showing up to support RiRis Diamond Ball in September 2017.
"Rihanna shared series of sexy snaps" - පුවත් මුලාශ්‍රය: Hiru News
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