Conflict between the President and the Prime Minister over the resignation of the Prime Minister

Prime minister
2 weeks ago


President Gotabhaya Rajapakse said in two conflicting statements yesterday (27) that he was in principle ready to form an all-party government with the political parties represented in parliament following the resignations of the prime minister and cabinet. At the same time, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse said that President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had never asked him to resign and hoped that the President would never make such a request.

The president stated his position on the all-party government in a letter to all political party leaders in the ruling party and to the leaders of the political parties that represent the government after the 2020 general election and currently sit independently in the House.

The president said in a letter that the agreement would be reached after discussions on the structure, tenure and portfolios of the all-party government, which will be formed after the resignation of the prime minister and cabinet. As a first step, the President has convened a meeting tomorrow (29) at 10.30 am at the Presidential Palace in Colombo 1 with the participation of letter recipients.

The president also said in the letter that the Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Cardinal Ranjith, the venerable chief of staff of the three forces, and other religious leaders, political parties, and various organizations had each requested the formation of an all-party government representative.

The political party in parliament as a solution to the current social and economic crisis. However, during a meeting with local government leaders, mayors, and members yesterday, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse expressed confidence that President Gotabhaya Rajapakse would never ask him to resign and that the president would not ask for his resignation. No point.

"I want to tell you that the President did not ask me to resign under any circumstances and I hope he will not ask me to resign in the future," he said to the applause of the audience. He said he was not ready to resign as it would be detrimental to Sri Lanka.

"Anyone can make allegations, but those allegations must be proven. Ignoring the constitution will not allow the country to be plunged into anarchy, ”he said.

These comments by the president and prime minister came yesterday amid growing protests against the current government, with protesters calling for the president, prime minister, and cabinet to resign. Prime Minister Rajapaksa also told local government officials that the government was building the country even with foreign aid.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday (26) stated that he had no intention of stepping down and that he had taken steps to resolve the current crisis within a day or two. "Do not worry about the current crisis, it will be resolved in the coming days and I will not resign from my post," the Prime Minister said during a meeting of the provincial council.

Ministers. The House unanimously passed a resolution that the post of Prime Minister should not be vacated for the time being. "We are facing a crisis in the country, but I hope it will be resolved in the coming days. You have all put your trust in me and asked me to continue as Prime Minister. Be sure, I will be the Prime Minister, I will not resign," Rajapaksa reiterated on Tuesday. He added that he was fully aware of the situation in the country and had already taken steps to address the issue.

“I have seen people standing in long queues for milk powder and other essentials. I have also seen how people struggle to get fuel for their vehicles. I have also seen the suffering of people caused by electricity.

However, I have taken steps to find an immediate solution to these problems and I assure you that solutions will be available in the coming days. ”

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