Gampaha resident files FR before SC over police roadblocks hindering protesters.

Sri Lanka Police Sri Lankan protests Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
3 months ago


A fundamental rights (FR) petition has been filed with the Supreme Court, challenging the setting up of roadblocks by the police and cordoning off roads obstructing the people who are protesting within the legal framework.

Put forward by a resident of Gampaha area named Shenal Jayasekara, the petition has named the Inspector-General of Police, OIC of Colombo Fort Police, the Road Development Authority, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the Attorney General as its respondents.

The petitioner has pointed to media reports on the roadblocks with spikes set up by the police, the roads being cordoned off, installation of permanent roadblocks and blocking of the pavement near the Temple Trees aimed at hampering the public agitations.

These restrictions are in violation of fundamental human rights, including the freedom of assembly and protection from torture, he has said further.

Thereby, the petitioner has sought a court order for the removal of all roadblocks hindering the protesters and the general public. The petitioner also wants the Supreme Court to direct the police to seek permission from the Supreme Court before setting up roadblocks and the IGP to prepare a set of guidelines on installing them.  

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