Related to the provision of foreign exchange and contributing energy by various parties

Mahinda Rajapaksa
2 months ago
Kanesu Balasuresh

Kanesu Balasuresh

Establishment of a mechanism for evaluation of proposals related to furnishing foreign exchange and energy supplied /contributed by various parties.

Certain friendly states, international suppliers, and the local private sector forward various sorts of bi–lateral concessionary loans, energy supplies, and energy sector-related resolutions as remedies to the foreign exchange crisis prevailing within the country. Although some of those proposals are apparent to be productive/effective proposals against the foreign exchange crisis encountered by the government, there are no precise provisions to take further actions regarding them within the existing methodologies.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution furnished by Hon. Prime Minister to appoint a committee headed by the Secretary to the Prime Minister and comprising four (04) Secretaries to the Ministries to submit recommendations on the actions to be taken in regard to those proposals considering and analyzing the contemporary importance of those proposals.

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