Discussion With Heads Of Departments On Future Development Activities

Sri Lanka
2 months ago
Kanesu Balasuresh

Kanesu Balasuresh

Minister of Highways Kanaka Herath chaired a joint discussion with the heads of the Road Development Authority under the Ministry and related service divisions on future development activities.

The meeting was held today (27) at the auditorium of the Ministry.

The staff of the Ministry of Highways and the Road Development Authority and their activities have been discussed at length with the relevant authorities regarding the island-wide executive and chief engineering offices and project work.

Further, it has been reported that the country's road network A and B class roads and expressways network are being upgraded to national roads, C and D class roads to provincial roads, roads owned by unclassified local bodies, and roads maintained by various government departments and agencies.

S. Weerakoon, Director General of the Authority as a garden-related road, gave a detailed introduction to the entire road network including agricultural roads and roads under the irrigation system.

The services provided by the Ministry and the Authority for these roads and how they will be properly implemented in the future have been discussed with the Minister.

Discussion With Heads Of Departments On Future Development Activities | Minister Of Highways Sri Lanka

The Minister also pointed out the need to move towards a program that considers the advice of the experts provided by the Heads of Departments to avail the effective service through a robust and systematic mechanism and called for a concerted effort to take the necessary steps.

In particular, he called for the proper development of the safety and welfare of employees and called on domestic and foreign investors to work together for the improvement of primary infrastructures such as roads and bridges and to adopt new strategies to reduce delays.

The event was attended by the Secretary to the Ministry of Highways RWR Endaramasiri, Additional Secretary Engineer KPV Indirapala, Director General of the Road Development Authority Mr. S. Weerakoon, and the Director-General.   

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