CWC Ends 15-Year Friendship With Rajapaksas

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3 months ago


The Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) has decided to withdraw its support to the Government and the Rajapaksas, a friendship which had lasted for 15 years, General Secretary, Nuwara Eliya District Parliamentarian, Jeewan Thondaman said.

Addressing the CWC May Day rally yesterday (1), he said the decision was taken because he did not want to hold office in the current Government, which had oppressed the people.

“You and I placed our full trust in the President and the Prime Minister of this country.

But how can we support the Government when that trust is now completely shattered? When a mistake is made, it can be forgiven.

If the same mistake is repeated several times, how can such mistakes be forgiven? The CWC has been working for the past few years to win the rights of the people in the plantation sector.”

He said the President did not show any interest in the request to establish a university for the estate sector.

“I asked the President for a plot of land to build a university in Kotagala for the plantation sector.

The President did not support us or show any interest in giving that land.

Today, some criticise us as those who brought this Government into power.

There is no use in continuing to criticise.

Only if we all work together can the problems of the Estate workers be solved,” he added.

“The ruling party and the Opposition are fighting inside Parliament.

This is a mere show for the camerasjust toshow the people.

Behind the camera, they are all together”, he added.

While noting the need to understand this as a fundamental truth, he emphasised that citizens cannot be deceived forever.

Today, the youth have come to the forefront.

That’s a good thing.

“As a young man, I support it.”

“Today the Opposition has brought forward a No-Confidence Motion and says that 120 MPs support them.

The ruling party says that 120 MPs who support the Government have signed.

There are only 225 members in Parliament but according to the ruling party and the Opposition there are 240 MPs,” he added.

While noting all governments that come into power gives the Ministry of Estate Infrastructure or the Ministry of Livestock to the CWC or to any other political party representing plantation workers, Thondaman queried as to why they cannot go beyond that.

“Why can’t we be the Prime Minister of this country?

Can’t we be the Minister of Education?

Is the Ministry of Defence not suitable for us?

Today, some politicians in our plantation areas are asking what positions will be given to them if they support the Government.

They work looking for positions and perks.

The CWC is not a party that works for positions. Our party has always worked for the people of the plantation areas.

The same goes for the future.

I have big dreams and hopes.

That is to change the plantation sector completely.

My leader, the late ArumugamThondaman also had that dream".

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